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Ceramics-Silikáty 68, (3) 316 - 327 (2024)

Ayyappan S. 1, Saminathan M. 2
1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Government College of Technology, Coimbatore - 641013, Tamilnadu, India.
2 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Annapoorana Engineering College, Salem - 636308, Tamilnadu, India.

Keywords: Lightly-Calcined-Magnesite, Al 6061 Alloy, Stir Casting Method, Metallurgical Propertie, , Electrochemical Corrosion

In this research, aluminium 6061 matrix composites with lightly-calcined-magnesite (LCM) reinforcements at a weight fraction of 2.5%, 5% and 7.5% were prepared using the stir-casting method. The LCM grade was separated at a temperature of 1100 °C from the sintering process of a shaft kiln in refractory factories. Examination of the surface morphology of the composite samples by FE-SEM was performed. In addition, tensile, wear, and hardness tests were performed to identify their scope in industrial applications. It should be observed that the 5% wt. LCM has the greatest hardness (118.3 HV) and tensile strength (106 MPa). The 7.5% reinforcement of the LCM underwent a 51-m low wear test. The findings indicate that 5% wt. LCM composite had the greatest coefficient of friction (COF) value, which was 0.255. In an electrochemical test, a composite made of 7.5% weight LCM showed a low corrosion current of 0.0000504 A/cm² in a 3.5% aqueous NaCl solution. The findings demonstrate that the LCM particles in the Al 6061 alloy are a new blend that provide strong corrosion protection, wear characteristics, and outstanding mechanical qualities. The best performance characteristics of the composites produced are shown with the 5% reinforcing of the LCM.

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doi: 10.13168/cs.2024.0031
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