ISSN 0862-5468 (Print), ISSN 1804-5847 (online) 

Ceramics-Silikáty 37, (1) 15 - 20 (1993)

Koňák Karel 1, Ležal Dimitrij 1, Mariani Emil 2, Trnovcová Viera 2
1 Institute of the Chemistry of Glass and Ceramic Materials, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Sokolská 38, 120 00 Praha 2
2 Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Dúbravská cesta 9, 842 28 Bratislava

Electrical conductivities of ZrF₄-BaF₂-LaF₃-AlF₃ glasses in the d.c. and a.c. electrical fiedls were studied. The d.c. conductivity measurements showed, that only single mechanism of charge transport with the activation energy approximately 0.76 eV exists in the temperature range of 20-250 °C. The results of a.c. conductivity measurements proved, that the dielectric relaxation of larger groups of ions appears within the temperature interval of 20-100 °C. These groups are completely dissociated at the temperature around 100 °C. The studied glasses are very stable at the temperatures lower than Tg.

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